How to join in

There are many ways in which you can join in the activities of Transition Mayfield.

Step 1: Find out more information

If you missed any of the films or meetings that were held to launch Transition Mayfield, you can easily catch up. >More ...

Step 2: Shop locally and support your local economy

Take advantage of Mayfield's vibrant High Street, which is well supplied with local shops. Only a little further afield there are a large number of local food producers who supply both the village shops and from their farm door. >More ...

Step 3: Reduce/re-think your energy needs and consumption

Whether replacing broken light bulbs or an inefficient boiler, make sure your new one is more energy efficient than the last. Actively monitor how much electricity you are using each time you switch a piece of equipment on with an OWL meter. The list of energy reducing things that can be done is long and I am sure you are well aware of them. Do one today!

Step 4: Take advantage of local expertise

Again the community of Mayfield and Five Ashes is rich in expertise and advice that is readily given and easily available.

Local food: >More ...
Energy matters: >More ...

Step 5: Join the Transition Mayfield Group

If you would like to join us, that would be great - everyone is welcome. Come and share your enthusiasm and time, comit to as much or as little as you would like. Have a chat to us by phone (you can find the numbers on the >Contact us page) and come along to one of the regular meetings. We usually meet once a month, on a Monday evening, in the Rose & Crown. See the >Diary for further details.

Step 6: Develop new key areas and projects

Transition communities focus their activities on all the key areas of life: food, energy, transport, health, heart and soul, economics and livelihoods, the arts to name but a few. Transition Mayfield has started with local food and energy, but if your expertise is in a different area you would be very welcome to start a new project, and would receive all our support in doing so.