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Local experience

Graham and Shirley Holland, Mayfield residents, have recently installed a solar panel on their roof to provide them with hot water. They are willing to share their experience with others interested in doing the same.

Local expertise

Paynes Energy Solutions
Oak Tree Barn, Lewes Road, Blackboys, East Sussex, TN22 5JL
Telephone: 01825 891720

Paynes has been established since 1987, as plumbing and heating specialists. In the last 5 years, as technologies have developed and the need for more sustainable living and energy production, we have applied our years of experience to a number of proven Renewable Energy sources. We are able to supply, design, install and maintain our systems, and with our background in heating and engineering, we have in depth knowledge of how these technologies are integrated into existing systems. We are able to consider the current and conventional energy sources and compare them to or combine them with Renewable Energy products. We have no preference to which energy source or manufacturer, we will provide the best solution for the given situation. Our Renewable Energy Centre is open to professionals and the public alike. With complete working models of Geothermal, Solar Thermal, Solar PV, Solar PV-T, Air to Air and Air to water Heat pumps and Rain Water Harvesting.  
Brighton Permaculture Trust
The Brighton Permaculture Trust runs many courses and events of interest to Transition Communities including: "Introduction to voltaics"; "Eco open houses"; "Green architecture day".

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