Transition Mayfield Energy Strategy

Transition Mayfield is conducting a survey of the community's current energy consumption in order to understand what it would be possible to do to help insulate the community from future energy supply reliability issues - which are highly likely in the not so distant future. The national grid’s energy supply is becoming over stretched both by aging infrastructure and a number of power stations that are coming close to the end of their useful life. Energy security is also an issue, as we are becoming ever more dependent on foreign gas and oil supplies.

This volatility in combination with the threats of climate change and the various government commitments to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions all lead to the increasing desire of individuals and communities to take control of their own energy supplies. If the community were to take a lead then there are ample opportunities for benefit. These can come from:
  • security of supply;
  • financial insulation against future cost increases;
  • significant economic gains for the community itself;
  • potential self-funding grant scheme
  • environmental benefits.
To do this we are working with the University of Brighton and the Parish Council to ascertain:
  • the total number of residents and households;
  • the number of local farms and businesses.
Once we have this information we can start a modelling process to investigate the most appropriate forms of renewable energy for the village. A review of the technologies will be made so advice can be given on an individual building basis to those who are interested in beginning the process of becomming energy self-sufficient in their own home. We will also evaluate systems (or combinations of systems) that would be able to provide at least as much electricity as the entire village (Mayfield & Five Ashes) is currently consuming. We will also look into some potential financing options and ownership, management structures as well.

For more information contact Derek O'Connor (Wildlife Splash)